High-Efficiency Multi Wire Drawing Line

• compact design and reduced footprint • force cooling/ lubrication to cycle gear oil of transmission • helical precision gear and shaft made by 8Cr2Ni4WA material. • mechanical seal design (it is composed of water dumping pan, oil dumping ring and labyrinth gland) to safeguard separation of drawing emulsion and gear oil.

Products Details


• quick drawing die change system and two motor-driven for easy operation
• touchscreen display and control, high automatic operation


• power saving, labor saving, wire drawing oil and emulsion saving
•force cooling/ lubrication system and sufficient protection technology for transmission to safeguard machine with long service life
• meets different finished product diameters
•meeting different production requirements

Multiwire Annealer:

• DC multiwire resistance annealer
• DC contact type, 2or 3 stage annealing system, automatic speed tracking system for guaranteeing the quality of product.
• separation design of contact tubes for changing convenience, nickel plating and polishing to the surface of contact tubes for long service life
• nitrogen or steam protection system for preventing oxidization
• individual spray cooling unit for each annealed wire

Multiwire drawing machine
Type DZL16-18-8 DXL21-25-8 DXL21-25-16
Max inlet Ø [mm] 2.6*8 1.8-2.0*8 2.6*8,2.0*16
Outlet Ø range [mm] 0.4-1.05 0.15-0.5 0.15-1.05
No. of wires 8 8 16
Max. speed [m/sec] 30 30 30
Wire elongation per draft 8-25% 8-25% 8-25%
Multiwire Annealer
Max. annealing power (KVA) 230/285 100 230/285
Max. annealing current (A) 3000/4000 1500 3000/4000
Saturation wire diameter (mm) 0.4-0.8 0.15-0.5 0.15-0.5

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